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Coach Deion Sanders Reveals How He Was Able to Land Travis Hunter, the No. 1 Recruit in the Country

On today's Pardon My Take... COACH PRIME! Deion Sanders, the Hall of Famer, joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on today's show to recap what was a historic National Signing Day around the country. Coach Prime shocked the world by getting the No. 1 player in college football, Travis Hunter, to flip his commitment from Florida State to Jackson State. How was Coach Prime able to do that? He revealed how everything went down exclusively on today's show. Take a look:

Mr. Cat: There's been a lot of rumors, things swirling around. Can you talk to us how the last like 24 hours went with Travis Hunter with recruiting him? What was that discussion like in getting him to say, "Yeah, you know what? Jackson State's my home. I'm coming."

Deion Sanders: Well, you've got to understand, man, we're just honest, forthright, and the kid is a DB/WR. Who better to talk to him about that than me? A kid that wants to go to the next level in everything he does, and we just click, we communicate. He loves fishing, I love fishing. You know, he loves to return, he loves this, he loves that. I mean, his energy is almost like the kid really studied my game and really studied my life, and his mother and his stepfather were unbelievable. The connectivity that we had with them, I think that's what really sealed it. When you win mama, and you win the kid, shoot, that's it, it's a wrap, it's over. 

Deion Sanders: And the two things that they really wanted to understand: will we develop this young man, which, we have Dennis Thurman, our defensive coordinator, National Football League. Kevin Mathis, 10 years, National Football League, and me helping out also. So that's tremendous on the defensive side of the ball. And now, then he gets a quarterback like Shedeur [Sanders, Deion's son, wild] on the offensive side of the ball, that's pretty much a no-brainer. 

Deion Sanders: And they want to know, are we going to take care of his house? Where's he going to live? If that's going to be suitable, cool. And how is he going to eat? We're going to feed him three meals a day, and snacks. So, that's some of the bases that parents want to know. And we covered all that with believability, because we're straight honest.

If you play a similar way to Hall of Famer Deion Sanders and Deion Sanders offers you the chance to go play football for his team, how do you not take him up on that offer? Jackson State is building something incredible and looks to cap off a great season in the Celebration Bowl against South Carolina State tomorrow at noon on ABC. If this season got the Tigers to a bowl game, imagine what Coach Prime's squad can do with Travis Hunter on its side.

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