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'Brady's 12th Man' ft. Gotham Chopra - Do Your Pod Episode 15

This episode is the perfect Bye Week Special, with guest Gotham Chopra, Tom Brady's co-founder of the film production company Religion of Sports, as well as the director of the docuseries "Man in the Arena," now available on ESPN+.

Chopra was terrific. Really forthcoming about the inspiration behind making the series. Brady's relationship with Bill Belichick. What drives him to keep striving to be better, long after he's established himself as the GOAT. And how he manages to still find negativity toward him, mold it into a chip and place it on his own shoulder after 20-plus years of success. We also take shallow dives into Joseph Campbell's concept of the monomyth archetype and how Brady is essentially a comic book superhero come to life. 

More than anything, I was surprised to find out how much a Brady inner-circle guy was a Patriots fan first, and how the #Braxit affected Chopra in many of the same ways it affected me. I think Gotham Chopra and I just became best friends and I'd like to do karate in the garage with this guy for sure. 

Also, Nick Fasoli and I finish the show by answering listener voicemails, which I don't think has ever been tried in the history of podcasting. But as long as we can not only respond to you Patriots thoughts but offer you life advice like we did on this one, I'm happy to break new ground. 

For next week's show, the number will again be 929-273-0520. Looking forward to hearing from you. Enjoy.