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Nancy Reagan Was Apparently the Throat Goat of Hollywood

I was taken aback when I heard why everyone was talking about Nancy Reagan recently. Flabbergasted.

Abigail Shapiro posted a comparison of Madonna and Reagan at the same age in an attempt to make Reagan look like the example of how a woman should act, but it ended up resurfacing stories of Nancy's earlier hobbies.

You're telling me the "Say No to Drugs" First Lady, who seemed to be the consummate family woman, was the THROAT GOAT?! Just casually doling out a beej to anyone who looked her way on the MGM backlot? I still refuse to believe it. That does seem to be the prevailing story, though. Nancy blew her way around Hollywood until she finally found a guy to hitch her wagon to — and he ended up taking her all the way to the White House. If that's not the American Dream, I don't know what is.

But yeah, if you were to give me several hundred guesses as to who was renowned as the Throat Goat in 1950s Hollywood, I would have exhausted every single one of them and not come up with Nancy Reagan. What a plot twist.

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