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Malcom X Was (allegedly) A Prostitute

This is the final installment of my recent blog series that I titled Celebrity Hookers just a couple of seconds ago... However, unlike the first two, I will tread lightly on this one.

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Malcolm X is undoubtedly known best as an African-American Muslim minister and human rights activist who was a prominent figure during the civil rights movement… The reason I know this is because that is how his Wiki page begins.

It is lesser-known that, according to multiple sources, he was also a gay prostitute.

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We can start with Bruce Perry's acclaimed 1991 biography, Malcolm: The Life of a Man Who Changed Black America.  In it, Perry directly addresses Malcolm’s sexuality based on interviews with Malcolm's closest boyhood and adult friends.

A schoolmate of Malcolm's, Bob Bebee, recalls the day they stumbled on a local boy masturbating. Malcolm, Bebee recalled, ordered the youth to beat him off also, and then subsequently boasted the boy had given him oral sex.

Moving on in Perry's book, he also recounts two of Malcolm's friends from Michigan who remember bumping into him at the YMCA, where Malcolm bragged he earned money servicing "queers". 

Later, Malcolm worked as a butler to a wealthy Boston bachelor, William Paul Lennon. According to Malcolm's sidekick Malcolm Jarvis, he was paid to sprinkle Lennon with talcum powder and bring him to orgasm… This is news to me, but I cant wait to try it tonight.

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And this was not the only account of Malcolm's alleged homosexuality… Another was within Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention which was written by prominent African-American scholar, Manning Marable.  

Malcolm's family, particularly his daughters, refute any claims that their dad was either bisexual and/or a prostitute, and I certainly don't blame them… My kids will someday have their hands full trying to explain away some of the weird shit I have done for money.

However, as I outlined above, there are multiple sources of smoke… And all of them have been around for years… So I will just leave them in front of you and let you decide whether or not there is fire.

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So over the past couple of days, I have shown you just the tip of the hooker iceberg… If you wanna take it all, bitch, then I suggest you listen to the Twisted History of Prostitution.

Take a report.