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Spoiler Alert: Sex and the City Fans Are Upset Over an Unexpected Death in Episode One of the Reboot


Carrie and the gang are back on HBO! The new season of “And Just Like That” premiered on Thursday and fans (including myself) are unhappy with what went down. It starts with Carrie and Mr. Big living a happy, married life. They’re listening to records! Making dinner! Going out East! And then…BAM! 


Yes. They killed Mr. Big. In the most annoying way possible. He’s enjoying his Peloton ride, gets off, goes to take a shower, and has a heart attack. Carrie comes home and finds him but it’s too late. This actually may have been what bothered me the most. HE IS STILL ALIVE WHEN SHE GETS HOME AND SHE DOESN’T IMMEDIATELY CALL 911?!?!? Just holds him in the bathroom as he dies?!?!? There’s always been mixed feelings about their relationship but clearly it was working for them and now Carrie is single yet again. 

The somewhat funny part of all this is the fact Peloton had to put out a statement, basically saying they knew their product was being used but didn’t know the storyline due to privacy around the script. They even had a doctor talk about how Big lived an unhealthy lifestyle and the peloton may have actually prolonged his life until it just caught up to him. Either way, it’s a ridiculous way for him to go and I WISH IT DIDN’T HAPPEN. Waterworks for a full 45 minutes during episode 2.

Peloton stock also dropped as soon as the episode premiered. Would love to be a fly on the wall in that board room discussing how to bounce back from killing Big.

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