Hall of Fame Quarterback Kurt Warner Prefers Dome Football Over Football Weather

On today's Pardon My Take... KURT WARNER! The Pro Football Hall of Famer joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on today's show to discuss his upcoming movie, impressive teams and players in the NFL this season, and much more. Similar to Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter, Warner was also in Buffalo for Monday night's crazy game between the Patriots and the Bills (he was on the Westwood One radio broadcast with Kevin Harlan). The conversation during the interview was then sparked with this tweet:

That then opened the door to Warner reiterating his take that the crazy football weather isn't really for him. Take a look:

Mr. Cat: We had this debate on the show because we think that nights like last night are memorable in how weird and different and cool they are. And that game was so bizarre, and Bill Belichick, what he did was so different and unique that we will always remember that. Why would you want to get rid of that?

Kurt Warner: It's memorable for who?

Mr. Commenter: For the fans.

Kurt Warner: For the fans, right, for the fans. And again, I love the fans, and part of what we do is for the fans. And again, I love the fans, and part of what we do is for the fans. But why I would want to get rid of it is because when I have the Patriots against the Bills, and this is for No. 1 in the division, this is for seeding in the playoffs, I want to see the best version of the Bills against the best version of the Patriots, and I want the best team to win, not the best team in those conditions.

Kurt Warner: And I get it, that's what everybody says. It's football weather, this is what it is. But here's the problem that I have, and it doesn't necessarily apply to these two teams. But being a guy that played in a dome, being a guy that played in Arizona, I have no way to get ready for those conditions. And so, you can say all you want about home field advantage, and that's why you pl..., well no, because the Patriots can come to Arizona and there's no difference other than we have our fans, obviously, but they can play in my weather. I can't play in their weather because I can't get used to it. There's nothing you can do to get used to cold weather in a situation. 

Kurt Warner: So to me, I'm just like, I want the best. I want to be able to be my best. I want to play against their best and I want the best to advance. And so for me last night, I mean, I played in that weather before, I grew up in Iowa, so I played in all that stuff, you know, and it's just like [Tyler] Bass kicking that ball. I'm sure when he kicked it, he's like, "Oh, that's money, that's right down the..." and then, phew, all of a sudden, the wind takes it, it goes to the left, and you say to yourself, "What was he supposed to do there?" I mean, it's easy to say, "Well aim a little but further because, you know, the wind is going to pick..." And I just, I don't want that stuff to dictate who wins these games and who ultimately, you know, creates history and wins championships. I don't want that to be the case, and it might be memorable to you guys. It's not memorable to me.


Kurt Warner: If I'm Mac Jones, yes, I won the game, but I got to throw three passes. If they lost that game and Mac Jones got to throw three passes, what's he saying today? Like, "That sucked. I didn't even get a chance to, you know, to do anything in this game, to dictate the outcome of this game because the weather was so awful." So that's my take, because I just, you know, especially like, you get to the playoffs, I just want to see the best team advance in the playoffs. And to me, the best team is the team that has the opportunity to play their best football.

Do you agree or disagree with Kurt Warner's take? I do understand the point that you don't want this crazy weather to impact the Super Bowl, and I think that's probably the reason why we rarely see the biggest game in the world played in cold weather these days. But it's always fun to sprinkle in some chaos here and there, and that is exactly what we saw on Monday night in Buffalo.