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'Bully Ball': Do Your Pod Episode 14

Due the Monday night game in Buffalo, and the Patriots media members having to travel back on Tuesday, Nick and I decided the best strategy was a mini episode, recorded immediately after the win that put the Patriots in the AFC's top playoff seed. As game plans go, it worked out pretty much as well as throwing the ball three times and rushing it 46 times against a Bills team that was utterly incapable of stopping it. 

In a word? Brilliant.

We start by trying to come up with any recent games this one reminded us of - which is a tough comp to find - and find ourselves briefly making obscure references to Army vs. Navy in the 1940s before we get back to this one. Nick uses his Offensive Line Observations superpower to describe how the Pats linemen's splits dictated what their intentions were and how well they executed them. We then get into the defensive players who deserve to be singled out for special praise. Celebrate the miracle that is Big Kick Nick Folk. And wrap up by looking ahead at the AFC playoff race over the last five weeks of the season. 


Think of this as an audio version Knee Jerk Reactions to one of the biggest wins the Patriots have had in a couple of years. An unbelievable statement win in which they were able to go completely one dimensional and still defeat one of the best teams in football in their own stadium under some of the harshest conditions anyone has ever seen. Dammit, I'm glad to be doing a podcast about this team this season. 

We'll have a Bye Week episode next week that I'm really looking forward to. Until then? Thanks for listening/watching. Enjoy.