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We Are Facing a National Chicken Tender Emergency

This week's Macrodosing topic is Billy being given free rein to spew facts about Antarctica, but we also hit on the real issue plaguing this country and the world right now: the "supply chain shortage" that is now coming for our chicken tenders.

I'm sick of hearing about all this supply chain nonsense. Just do your job. There's enough shit in the world right now even with a plentiful amount of chicken tenders. Throw in a scarcity of one of the most enjoyable foods on the planet and this place becomes damn near uninhabitable. For all the people I met in college that were getting degrees in supply chain management, somebody needs to be able to figure this out.

I'll tell you right now, though, if this thing gets any worse, I'll be on the first flight out. I don't know where to exactly, but I'm not sticking around if the tenders go extinct. This is bullshit.

I don't like that we haven't heard any updates on this since last week, either. The media just dropped this from the clouds and then dipped. Now we're left here wondering what's going to happen while the elites hoard all the chicken tenders. This is not fair to me or any of my fellow fried chicken enthusiasts.

While we wait for more news on the chicken tender front, you can enjoy the new episode of Macrodosing wherever you get your podcasts — or on YouTube once it goes up Tuesday night.