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The ‘Controversial Crew’ Is the Worst Thing to Come Out of Bachelor Nation in Recent Memory

If you’re not caught up with recent bachelor news, Katie who was engaged to Blake 4 weeks ago is now dating her best friend John who also competed on the show, who also hung out with Blake and Katie as a couple multiple times. The whole thing is confusing to people because there was a clear overlap of Katie falling in love with John while with Blake or else they wouldn’t be posting this fast. Katie and Black broke up at the end of October! Now Katie and John are flaunting all over TikTok…

Now they have deemed themselves the controversial crew along with a bunch of others that nobody really cares about. I would tell them to stop posting but it’s very clear we can’t look away from this dumpster fire . They’re being so obnoxious about it to a point where you almost have to respect it. (Barely)

We talk all about the controversial crew with Kelsey Kreppel here: