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Minshew Mania Has Hit Philadelphia And It Is A Wonderful Time To Be Alive

Rone and I hopped on First Time, Long Time after the Eagles 33-18 victory of over the Jets to talk with the people. One thing's for sure, Gardner Mimnshew is an amazing human. The Eagles someway have the most two likable quarterbacks in the league on their roster in Minshew and Hurts. Now, does that mean anything in the end? I don't know. It's nice and all, but when you have two QB's who are beautiful humans and can show flashes on the field but probably aren't a long term answer, you really don't have a quarterback at all. We'll see, though. I'm sure Philly Sports Radio will look at Gardner Minshew playing well in a logical manner in which no controversies will arise...

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I really wanna let it go. I really, really, really do. There's no reason why the Justin Jefferson should be brought up on a Philly Sports Podcast more than any other Philly sports athlete. But when you see these numbers EVERY SINGLE WEEK it just continues to be a slow chemical burn of the nuts. 

The Eagles are 6-7 and still control their own destiny. Good times. We'll hang up and listen.