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Pardon My Take's Football Guys of the Week Nominees - Week 13

Congratulations to week 12 winner, Vita Vea who got his tooth knocked out, spitting chiclets is usually a hockey guy move, but Vita sporting the gap in his teeth is a definite football guy move.

Now for your week 13 nominees

#1 Gardner Minshew QB, Eagles

This is a guy that just loves football. I mean how hyped up is Gardner Minshew? You can just tell he truly loves football. Being jacked up celebrating with your father is

#2 Sean McDermott HC, Buffalo Bills

I really would love to read this paper he wrote, huge football guy move to write about what you know. It all just leads back to football in the end.

#3 Mitch Hewitt HC, Chardon Hilltopper HS

Greater societal commentary going on here with this football guy quote. But the statement is the ultimate football guy attitude.

#4 Jeff Stoutland Oline Coach Eagles

Jeff Stoutland was in the hospital before the Jets game today. He ended up making it to the game in the end because he missed the guys. Total football guy. 

Old School football guy of the week 

Theres a new madden documentary coming out and tons of these awesome clips of John Madden are coming out. May not necessarily be total football guy type stuff, but I am envious of people who grew up in the madden era.