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Frank Caliendo's Impression Of Jon Gruden Is Suspended Until Further Notice

On today's Pardon My Take... FRANK CALIENDO! The comedian, actor, and impressionist joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on today's show to discuss some of his notable impressions before taking me on in Ping Pong (spoiler: it did not go well for me). One of the big time impressions that Caliendo is known for is Jon Gruden. However, it has not been a good few months for Gruden, so what does that mean for Caliendo's impression? Here are the details:

Mr. Cat: So Gruden, that was tough. Yeah, I mean, Gruden was three minutes of my act. So people, because I don't know if it's the algorithm or what, but that stuff that would take off on Twitter and Instagram and stuff like that. So, that's what people saw and thought that I was doing that all the time, I'm like, "For three years, I didn't even do any of it." So, I'm not doing it on stage, right? I get worried, this is where I get worried, that somebody is going to have a camera and they're going to put, you know, take a little piece, because my stuff is really about celebrating people. There's nothing to celebrate there right now.

Mr. Commenter: Well, you could say, I mean, Roger Goodell is a clueless anti-football pussy.

Mr. Cat: Yeah, why not a dramatic reading of his emails?

Frank Caliendo: Oh, you think that would be really good for my career?

Mr. Cat: Yeah! Well, it's not your emails, it's Jon Gruden's emails.

Frank Caliendo: Right, but like I said, people will, or you said, associate with me doing that, all of a sudden, it's just gone. I mean, I had everybody ask me to do that kind of stuff. I'm like, "I can't." You know, all the stuff I do is corporate. "That's all my stuff. I'm like, I am in it for the money, guys."

Mr. Cat: And you say, actually like being in it for the money and admitting that outright and being like, "I'm corporate, I want to be home, I'd rather be home," I love that.

You have to appreciate the honesty from Frank Caliendo here. I totally see what he is saying regarding his impressions being a celebration of someone. So while the Jon Gruden one was definitely notable, we probably won't be seeing it again.