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This Video Of Big Cat Perfectly Picking The Bears First 11 Games Is Wayyyy More Impressive Than Your Stupid Coin

The video above is Big Cat picking a clean 11-0 to start the Bears season and it's actually pretty incredible. If you're familiar with our 4-7 season so far, it's even more impressive considering the precision and accuracy of the angst in his takes. It's like we know the Bears are throwing us their best fastball to make us miserable and we still can't hit it. Maybe one day we'll run into one. 

Until then, I ran the numbers on Big Cat's predictions and they check out. 

Maybe not to the extent originally predicted on the podcast but still a nice haul. That's knowing your football team inside and out. Truly an impressive feat. 

Some more housekeeping on the show: 

- Big Cat and Chief team up for an awesome look at the Brian Kelly situation. Which school would you rather coach at? Personally I'm split because I don't really want to coach college football but if I had to, I prefer the Midwest. Better golf course architecture and more familiar hospitality. I didn't say better I said familiar. 

-  Would you rather snowbird in Arizona or Florida? Most people I know would say Arizona and that's because, again, Midwest. More room for us to roam and, candidly, the eastern seaboard has spent generations saturating vacation properties across the sunshine state. Not Denver but Florida. Then consider the devastating impact of the Great Chicago Fire on domestic travel in the middle class. There's a lot of factors in play here guys but probably most important is the baseball teams. Both train in Scottsdale which makes this an easy decision. 

We're going to bottled blonde 22 guys deep

- We didn't talk bachelor parties on the podcast but I wish we did. Maybe next show. Scottsdale bachelor parties are downright negligent in all material respects. 

- Solid Bears talk. You have to tune in for it but trust me it's solid. 

- We went baseball heavy on Tuesday just me and Dave. If you're craving offseason updates then I got good news for you. 

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