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Super Bowl Champion Mitch Schwartz Explains Why He Doesn't Prefer The NFL Red Zone Channel

On today's Pardon My Take... MITCHELL SCHWARTZ! The offensive lineman and Super Bowl Champion joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on today's show to discuss his career with the Chiefs and Browns, offensive line play in the NFL, teams who are playing well, and much more. Since Schwartz is still recovering from his back surgery, he is taking this NFL season off. With that, he has the opportunity to watch games as a fan like the rest of us. Most of us are Red Zone Channel fans, but Schwartz actually isn't. The Super Bowl Champ explains why:

Mr. Commenter: So, you were obviously a very good player for a long time of the Browns and the Chiefs, and it's your first season without, you know, having that week to week, day to day, you know, guardrails of being in a locker room and going out there and playing on Sundays. Have you experienced for the first time sitting down watching like Red Zone on Sunday? Have you become like a football fan? Or are you just taking time away from the game?

Mitchell Schwartz:  I've always been a football fan, you know, I used to like design bye weeks around being at home on Sundays so I can have my two TVs and watch the games and flip channels and stuff. I've always enjoyed it and I don't love Red Zone Channel because I like the flow of the game and picking like the better games and just kind of enjoying it. I don't like all the jumping around, like, "Oh, now this game, oh, this game." And then, you know, I don't play fantasy football, so I don't really care if the fifth string running back is about to score a touchdown. So for me, I like having both clickers, usually like a four game combination, you know, changing the channels, watching the games. So that has been really fun for me this year, being able to watch football every week.

Mr. Cat: You are right, Red Zone... We all love the Red Zone, but then you realize like, how we watch the games, we watch it all of us together. We have six TVs, so we have five games and then Red Zone, and every time they flash to Red Zone, you're conditioned to think some big play is going to happen and you never get a flow of the game.

Mitchell Schwartz: Yeah, it's just like, it goes Jets-Houston, and it's like 3rd & 8, and the guy takes a sack, and they're kicking a field goal. It's like, "Ehh, we didn't really have to cut to it."

Mr. Cat: Right, right.

Mr. Commenter: It's like a money shot compilation, sometimes I like to see a little romance. 

Mr. Cat: Yeah, we want to see the plot, and how it progresses.

I totally see Schwartz's argument here. Most of us only watch the Red Zone Channel because of fantasy football and responsible gambling. But you'll only see the fireworks with Andrew Siciliano and Scott Hanson. If you watch the full broadcast, you won't miss a play.