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'It's All About the Grind': Do Your Pod Episode 13 ft. Courtney Fallon

This week we celebrate the Patriots rise to the No. 2 spot in the AFC playoff standings with Courtney Fallon, formerly of the NFL Network, covering the Pats for Fox25 and WEEI in Boston, now working for the Miami Heat and host of her own podcast, Bad Signal. 

We start with a brief look back at Bill Belichick's offseason, before she reports that a source told her Belichick and Bill Parcells had a five-hour meeting to talk about how to turn the Pats roster around and make it competitive again. So we actually uncovered a story. And ever since I've been working on solving the problems of time travel and teleportation, just so I can sit in on that conversation. I'm just worried if I go there, I'll change the future and wind up with Zach Wilson at quarterback, and we can't have that. 

Then of course we talk about Mac Jones, and how his development so soon is driving the rest of the pro football world insane. And what a joy it is to listen to the same people who were claiming Belichick owed all his success to Tom Brad a year ago are now insisting the reason Jones is on his way to winning Rookie of the Year is because of ... the system

We then talk some about the off-the-charts attitude and positive energy the 2021 Pats are getting from the likes of Kendrick Bourne and Matthew Judon and where Courtney thinks this team is headed over the last five weeks. And in between she tells us which Dolphin player straight up hated her, and her encounter with a Patriots future Hall of Famer at the team's biggest annual Christmas charity event. 

Every week Nick and I love doing these shows. But the higher the Pats climb in the playoff standings, the more fun they are. And second place in the AFC with Courtney Fallon's insider's perspective is as good as we've had to date. Enjoy, and see you next week.