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Don't Be Surprised To See Urban Meyer Become The Next Head Coach At Notre Dame

On today's Pardon My Take... ANDY STAPLES! The college football writer for The Athletic joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on today's show to unpack what has been a, to put it lightly, WILD week in the coaching carousel. LSU, USC, Oklahoma, and Notre Dame are all making coaching changes, and there are going to be more dominoes to fall. The job up in South Bend is still open, so the guys were brainstorming potential fits. Mr. Cat's recommendation? Urban Meyer. You may think he's crazy, but let's hear him out...

Mr. Cat: ... and then, Urban Meyer went to Notre Dame. Just tell me, I made the hype video this morning, it's not a zero percent chance.

Andy Staples: I would say it's pretty close to zero. 

Mr. Commenter: Why? Why would it be zero percent chance?

Mr. Cat: Sometime you gotta go back!

Andy Staples: Well, I just don't know that Father Jenkins is a big fan of what happened in the steakhouse. 

Mr. Cat: You know what? You're right. The catholic church, they hold themselves to a higher standard.

Mr. Commenter: They won't tolerate touching somebody younger than you.

Andy Staples: I walked right into it!

Mr. Commenter: You just go to a bar, or you just go to a priest and go, "Hey, I fucked up, I grabbed a co-ed's ass," and they're like, "OK, say a Hail Mary, and you're good in the eyes of the lord."

Mr. Cat: OK, listen, Notre Dame is its own institution, and not to go deep down a road, but it is very funny when Notre Dame alum are like, "We, as Catholics, would not take Urban Meyer. Like, what? Huh? What are we talking about here? I think you'd take a National Title. That's my guess. 

Say what you want about Urban Meyer, but he has proven that he is a very good *college* football coach. He won it all with Florida, he won it all with Ohio State. Next up: a move from Jacksonville up to South Bend? You heard it here first.