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Recapping The Bachelorette Hometown Dates With Host Kaitlyn Bristowe

This week the host of The Bachelorette, Kaitlyn Bristowe, joined us to recap hometown dates! This is a huge week. We know Michelle takes family very seriously so it is obviously a make or break week for all of these guys. The final four are Brandon, Rodney, Joe, and Nayte. Each one of them got their own hometown date...even though they weren't actually allowed to go to their hometowns. Normally in these bubble seasons, production does very gimmicky hometown dates. That was not the case this time around! 

Michelle and her men are still in Minneapolis so really, Joe is the only one who got a true hometown date. Since he is from Minneapolis as well, he could actually take Michelle to his high school and have a real date. He even threw a prom for her! The other guys got the short end of the stick as far as day dates went. picking...paddleboarding. Not crazy dates, and poor Rodney is from California so I don't know why they made him go apple picking. 

The highlight of the families were by far Rodney's mom and Nayte's stepdad. Rodney's mom's energy was fantastic and you could truly see the love and feel how close their bond is. Nayte's stepdad and Nayte had a beautiful conversation about their family dynamic and how much they really mean to each other. It was unexpected and easily the best part of the episode. 

You can listen to our FULL recap on today's Chicks In The Office! Kaitlyn is giving insight into her job as the host, being in Minneapolis and what she thinks about the remaining men!

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