Red Line Radio Presents The Complete And Ultimate Guide To All This MLB Offseason Drama

I won't take up too much time on the blog with all the baseball talk we cram into today's show. Just a couple quick things: 

1. There's so much shit going on in MLB now that it's arguably the most exciting offseason of my life. I have no idea what's going on. The deadline to sign guys has created an amazing sense of urgency that's materialized into a hectic and historic free agent market. The lurking CBA stuff has people freaking out about the long-term. Some clubs think they're better before the CBA. Other clubs like the Cubs haven't done shit, and then will say it's because they wanted to see the CBA shake out. Point is you got options and it seems like they're driving fanbases wild. That's a good offseason. 

2. It's pitiful the White Sox won't sign anyone of major value. I'm not talking Keuchel or Grandal and it's a completely different story than 2019 & 2020. The time is now and you're seeing the Rangers and Mariners and Blue Jays taking risks that the White Sox would never dream of. Crazy to me because the AL should be more balanced and competitive next year. This is the time for the White Sox to make themselves By Far And Away the best team in their league. They probably still are the best AL team going into 2022 but the gap could and should be bigger come March. We get into a lot of this on the show. 

3. Last important note - this is the old format of Red Line Radio. Two baseball lunatics talking themselves into the ground about extremely detailed and nuanced stuff with our teams. Maybe not the most nationally appealing program for the Barstool audience but I stand by the work product. I'm proud of the sausage we encased today. You certainly don't have to be a Chicago sports person to give a shit about MLB free agency. If that's not a good sale tactic to download our show then maybe I can interest you in a bottle of game worn Revitalyte? Maybe not. 

Go listen to the show and support the brand. 

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