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Frank Gore's Balls Are Never Afraid to Hide

On today's Pardon My Take... FRANK GORE! The longtime (and not yet retired) running back joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter in studio for today's show to discuss his football career, his upcoming boxing match against Deron Williams on December 18th, Jim Harbaugh, and much more. Mr. Cat, as he always does, dove into the big J questions during this interview: the topic? Frank Gore's balls. You read that right. Take a look:

Mr. Cat: I had one last question, it's kind of an awkward question. I don't really know how to ask it, but I'm going to ask it and we'll see how this goes - Were you wearing underwear when you played in the NFL? We'll start there and we'll move from that and try to figure it out. You have big fucking balls, dude. Like, actually big balls that I've seen multiple times because they would just be popping around in your pants.

Frank Gore: I don't like...

Mr. Cat: Alright, I just got rid of it, I said it.

Mr. Commenter: It would have been more awkward if he didn't say it, the amount of time, we spend 20% of the show talking about Frank Gore's testicles.

Mr. Cat: People would be mad at me if I didn't say it.

Frank Gore: I liked to be loose, bro. 

Mr. Cat: Oh, I know! Very loose. Do you want to see a tweet of mine from 2014?

Mr. Cat: Alright, there it is...

Frank Gore: Wowwwww.

Mr. Cat: I mean, you did, you played loose, to put it that way. Yeah, no. People are listening to this interview and in the back of their head, they're like, "When is Big Cat going to ask about Frank Gore's balls?" So I did it. I did it, and we're done with it. I feel good that it's been said.

Mr. Commenter: It would have been more awkward if you didn't bring it up, trust me. He would have spent the next week asking you about your nuts.

This part of the interview was... NUTS! Ok, that might have been too cringe of a pun, but the point remains. This is exactly the types of questions that people listen to Pardon My Take for, and I'm glad that it not only was asked, but that Frank Gore seemed to have fun with it too. He is a Hall-of-Famer in my book.