Fair Or Fowl: Serving Your Guests A Turkey From Popeyes On Thanksgiving


With Thanksgiving approaching (hence the sweet pun in the headline), we gathered round the Podfathers podcasting table to talk turkey, namely Chaps getting two Popeye's turkey to serve this Thanksgiving. 

We embrace debate about if this is a crazy move because everyone will have to go to the bathroom Louisiana FAST or if Chaps will be eating a New Orleans W like Jameis. 

We then dive into a Takesgiving lightning round about the hottest takes about this glorious holiday such as if the bird should be replaced as the entree for Turkey Day, what are the best sides, and what is the optimum time to eat before answering mailbag questions and discussing the horrific Zac Stacy video that hit the internet last week. 

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h/t Spencer for the thumbnail pic