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When You're An ALPHA MALE, Everyday Is International Men's Day

Happy International Men's Day. This is a day for MEN like Large who drink vodka neat, have strong portfolios, and smoke meats, to look at a calendar and say,  "Yup, I am a red blooded MAN that gets pissed from time to time." Then recline back in their easy chair, take a sip of their black coffee, and think about the canoe trip they went on with the boys back in '97. 

Damn, Large! Expensive cigars and gold gorilla statues!? What a MAN! But, me?  I'm so beta that I'm a fucking alpha. EVERY DAY I wake up and need to remind myself. YEAH! You are a MAN! Then I recite the Bull Durham - Kevin Costner "Things I Believe In" speech and walk out the door. I even take that energy to work ...

but the holidays are about more than being a fucking MAN, getting a day off work, or waging war on Christmas. SO, Large and I cover all the eventful holidays and traditions worth knowing (good and bad) on this week's Twisted History of Holidays podcast. 

The country that does Father's Day beyond better than the rest of the world, the most catastrophic Christmases of all-time (two Vibbert Christmases make the list), and a medieval European Easter tradition where parents literally beat the crap of their kids to make them appreciate the good ol' days that STILL GOES TO THIS DAY … download the podcast now! 

BUT, first my gift to all the REAL men out there …