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A Major Win For The Other Boys In Blue

Singapore cryptocurrency exchange has acquired the naming rights to LA's Staple Center for the next 20 years at a price tag of $700 million, making it one of the biggest naming deals in sports history...

Since the announcement, there have been a number of financial talking heads debating the validity of such a large investment while pop culture vultures immediately reached out to Kobe Bryant's widow for her take...

But did anyone consult the streets?

Giphy Images.

As a former gang member, maybe I am the only one to appreciate just how difficult it is to find victories over rival gangs.

The Cunning Linguists, my debate team in Middle School was in a constant battle with The Mass Debaters for dominance in the mean streets of structured arguing, so we would've given our best pocket protectors for a headline as consequential as the one an LA gang got today.

Imagine waking up in some Compton apartment this morning, and, as you are ironing your red bandanas, you flip on the TV and hear the news that the most iconic sporting arena in YOUR life is changing its name to a homophone of your most bitter rival?

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Then imagine the sheer joy you must feel as a Crip hearing the Crypto news?

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Now imagine being a gang member (blood or crip) who knows what a "homophone" is?

Giphy Images.

Either way, HUGE win for the illegal boys in blue, and I hope they celebrate responsibly later on tonight.

Gang gang, bitches.

Take a report.


Westbrook knows what's up…