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Do Your Pod Episode 10 ft. Ian Rapoport

The most impressive win in an increasingly impressive Patriots season deserves our most high profile guest yet. So producer Nick and I are joined by NFL Network's Ian Rapoport, for a healthy portion of national perspective. 

First @RapSheet and I talk about the time he made history by being fired by Dave Portnoy despite never having worked for him. We talk briefly about his proudest achievements when it comes to breaking major NFL stories, before we get his take on what we're witnessing with the Patriots in general and Mac Jones' development in particular. In between, he gives us a fresh take on the reasons behind the Brady-Belichick divorce and how it wasn't nearly as acrimonious as we all seem to think. And we wrap with what he thinks the Pats prospects for 2021 are, as well as who are the teams to beat in the playoffs. 

This was a great discussion and we appreciate the time. I'm having a blast doing a Pats podcast in this of all years, and I welcome any feedback in the comments. Just as long as you admit my lighting is perfect, my hair is always on point and I look amazing. 

We'll be back next Wednesday with a new guest to talk about the Atlanta game and preview a huge one against Tennessee. Enjoy, with my complements.