Pittsburgh's Kenny Pickett Reacts to Winning Big Cat's Game of the Year Despite Being A Two-Glove Quarterback

On today's Pardon My Take... KENNY PICKETT! The starting quarterback of the Pittsburgh Panthers joined today's Pardon My Take to discuss winning Mr. Cat's Game of the Year last week, being a two-glove player, hand size, the upcoming NFL Draft, and much more. In case you missed it, Mr. Cat's Game of the Year was a rollercoaster ride. He took Pitt -6.5 last Thursday against North Carolina, and it eventually took overtime for him to get the win. But, he got it, and Pitt's QB1 reacts to being responsible for helping with that:

Mr. Cat: did you know you won my Game of the Year? Did you know afterwards? Like, I know beating UNC is big, but winning me the Game of the Year was a lot more important.

Kenny Pickett: Oh yeah, I mean, I knew before the game, I had somebody send me actually that we were the Game of the Year. Yeah, my friends are pretty ruthless, so they had to make sure that I knew about that before the game started. And then I saw some of your tweets during the game and I had to send you one. I was congratulating you on the Game of the Year, so it was a win-win all around.

Mr. Cat: Yeah, it was a great, great game. Great season so far. I was very, very nervous. But I think... are we in the trust tree right now?

Kenny Pickett: We're in the trust tree, absolutely.

Mr. Cat: I think the two gloves make me nervous, man, the two gloves make me nervous. Can you talk to us why you're a two-glove quarterback? I think that you're a very, very good quarterback, and I've watched a lot of Pitt football this year and you guys have been playing very well, and that Clemson game was great. But for some reason, two-glove quarterbacks always make me nervous in big moments.

Kenny Pickett: In big moments? Where's the translation in that?

Mr. Cat: I don't know, I think it's like, you just can't feel...

Mr. Commenter: The ball sticks to the hand.

Mr. Cat: Yeah, something like, yeah, you're going to do like a tuck rule almost at the worst possible time.

Kenny Pickett: I think it, I don't know, I just have a better grip with it. It was something that I did when I was younger, got away from it, and it came back in college actually, against USC two years ago was really, I think the second time I did it in college. But after that game, I stuck with it. It's been it's been working ever since. I'm just going to ride it out.

Mr. Cat: 1-0 in GOTY's. Kenny Pickett: 1-0 when Mr. Cat bets on him as a GOTY. As Pickett said, it's a win-win all around. Mr. Cat wins some cash, Pickett earns a win for Pittsburgh. Could another Game of the Year be in the works? Stay tuned...