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Pardon My Take's Football Guys of the Week Nominees - Week 10

Congratulations to Week 9 Winner Cordarelle Patterson!

He took home the bulk of the votes from this week's football guy of the week. 


This week we have another crop of great football guys of the week. As always, from a range of divisions, leagues, and skill levels.

#1 Timmy Malinowski LS/MLB, Pittsburgh State

The Pittsburgh State Gorilla's bus broke down on their way to an away game when their Freshman LB and current long snapper just happened to be a diesel mechanic. Fixed their bus right up and took them on their way. I mean I don’t think there is anything grittier than a diesel mechanic, especially one that plays Middle Linebacker 


This is a classic football guy move. Fumbles once and realizes he has to get back to his roots. Starts carrying the ball around everywhere he goes to ensure he has great ball security.


I personally do not think this is that much of a football guy move, he should have planned conception knowing a football Sunday might be 9 months away(Sam Ehlinger would have taken this into account). But nevertheless many will think of him playing football instead of seeing his second child's birth. Remember it's the second child… First would be more football guy. 


#4 John Harbough HC Michigan 

The man was coaching so hard his pants caught fire. Can't teach that resiliency and grit. To literally be coaching football so hard your pants catch fire on a sideline heater and keep going. Harbough has sneakily been in contention every week with some sort of hijinx, this is the first time in a long time he's made the list. 

Honorable Mention

DK Metcalf 

for trying to get back into a football game after being ejected

Jake Fromm's Wife

Maddex Sergeant Oline Lena HS 

Football Guy Throwback 


This Is just a ridiculous story

Chicago Tribune--An attempt to shock his football players into a combat-ready, pregame mentality cost Dale Christensen a 21-year career Wednesday when the Libertyville coach handed in his resignation.

Christensen staged a fake shooting at the school before the team left for its Class 6A state semifinal playoff game at Loyola last Saturday.

"Immediately after it happened, I knew I had gone too far," said Christensen, who asked a Libertyville student to shoot a starter's pistol at him and when Christensen fell to the ground, he smeared ketchup on his shoulder. Players ran for cover and called police.

"I was so wrapped up in getting the kids ready for this game, I didn't stop to think about shootings at other schools," Christensen said. "I agree, it wasn't appropriate. But there's more to it than some fanatical coach staging a fake shooting.

"At Libertyville, we put a premium on psycho-physiological stamina. Every person has deep physical reserves, and it takes a strong mental perseverance to tap into it. To expose the athletes to this process, I related several stories the day before the incident."

Christensen told them about World War I flying ace Eddie Rickenbacker's surviving 21 days after his plane crashed in the Pacific while on his way to a meeting with Gen. Douglas MacArthur early in World War II. Christensen also showed them a film of Colorado coach Bill McCartney's inspiring his team with stories of heroic acts during the Vietnam War.

This is the funniest part 

I had tried this on my wife for an April Fool's joke, but knowing my reputation for crazy stunts, she wasn't affected at all. That's why I tried for more realism this time. Except, this was an errant lesson plan that went awry."