Investigative Journalist Rob Lowe Gets to the Bottom of the Magic Johnson Twitter Mystery

On Friday's Pardon My Take... ROB LOWE! The longtime recurring guest of the show joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on yesterday's show to discuss the 80's, the current state of the NFL as a neutral fan, the entertainment industry, and much more. Rob Lowe is based in California, as is big time Twitter user Magic Johnson. The last time Rob Lowe appeared on PMT, the crew discussed Magic's tweets. Fast forward to this week, and Rob Lowe might have some information regarding one of the most basic accounts in the history of this social media device. Take a look:

Mr. Cat: We gave you an assignment, everyone should go listen to the episode [of Rob's podcast] with Magic Johnson. But can you tell us what you found out about Magic Johnson in his tweets?

Rob Lowe: I can, how about this? I have new and breaking news.

Mr. Cat: Oh, hell yes.

Rob Lowe: Last night, I found out that Magic Johnson does not physically do any of the tweets, which may explain some of it. So it's articulated clearly across the room or while he's doing 17 other things as a titan of industry. And then there is a woman whose job is to figure out what he's talking about and make it a tweet. So that's the latest wrinkle, which I think might warrant some further exploration.

Mr. Cat: OK, so he's just... is it, do you think he says like, "send tweet?" Or is it, he's just talking and she's like, "Oh, that seemed like something important. Send tweet."

Rob Lowe: Maybe that's... I think you have hit it. I think he doesn't say, "send tweet," so she never knows when it's ended. 

Mr. Cat: Yeah, that makes sense. 

Rob Lowe: So, you get what you get because I can promise you, here's what it's not: " Hey. Hello. I have an idea for a tweet. Are you ready? Lakers look very stiff tonight, period. Perhaps they need a change in the lineup, period. Send that." I don't think that's happening.

Mr. Cat: OK, this makes sense, though, because a lot of his tweets are just matter of fact, like, "The Lakers were great last night and LeBron looked young." So, he's just saying that out loud in conversation and then it gets filtered through this woman's brain out into the world, and then he's a viral sensation.

Rob Lowe: Yeah. And it just goes to show you never know what's going to be viral and what isn't. And by the way, knowing Magic Mike, I've literally known him since his rookie year. I'm not sure he's aware of what a viral sensation is. I mean, I talked to him, you know, I talked to him about it, obviously, because you guys told me to, and I'm nothing if not a friend of the Pardon My Take universe. I remember what you told me to do. And I asked him about it on my podcast.

Mr. Cat: And it's like, I'm fascinated with it. His Twitter is so perfect, I hope it never, ever changes. I hope he never gets aware of it.

Rob Lowe: actor, recurring guest... and investigative journalist. You can all sleep well at night knowing that the mystery behind Magic Johnson's Twitter account is now basically solved. Thank you for your service, Mr. Lowe.