If Big Cat Keeps Betting His Pinky He's Going To Have Trouble With Police In Japan

Twisted History gets gang affiliated this week with everything you need to know about gangs and some weird left turns that lead to a few rabbit holes. The first gang, the gang that originated the word thug, bird gang, and why the prosthetic limb market is so large with gangs in Japan.

The Yakuza gang is fascinating which is why they've been mentioned in pop-culture and while the movies and video games tell you Yakuza members give up the tip of their pinky as initiation into the gang, symbolizing they are weaker and need to rely on their fellow Yakuza for support. What they don't tell you is it makes it pretty easy for police to go around arresting everyone missing a pinkie. That's why the prosthetic pinky market is BOOMING.

So if one of Big Cat's pinky promise bets hits … Big Cat would need to prosthetic up before touring Japan.

It's such a problem that the cartoon character Bob The Builder has 4 fingers in every country, except for Japan. Large blogged about it, AND we went into detail on this week's podcast. CHECK THEM BOTH OUT