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Do Your Pod Week 9 Mini-Episode

On this week's show, we were limited for time because our intrepid producer and newest full time Barstool employee Nick Fasoli had to do a bunch of work in advance of the Barstool Arizona Bowl [tm]. So it's a mini-episode to discuss the Patriots win at Carolina. Though, to be honest, we still went long. We're joined by Patriots Super Fan Spike King as we get into the Pats three game winning streak, the way they've closed the AFC East gap with Buffalo in such short order, the way the defense has stepped up, the way the team on the whole has been able to morph itself from week to week and doesn't need to rely on Mac Jones matching a Brady or a Prescott throw-for-throw all the time. And a surprising number other aspects of this team, given the time restraints.

Come for the way Matt Judon and Christian Barmore have transformed the 2021 Patriots pass defense, stay for my outrage when Spike King dares suggest Jones won't win six Super Bowls. Enjoy. 

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