DK Metcalf's Peeing Touchdown Celebration Might Be Making A Return

On today's Pardon My Take... DK METCALF! The Seattle Seahawks wide receiver once again joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on today's show to discuss his season so far, getting triple covered, his fantasy owners, the ongoing beef with PFT, and much more. If you recall, when Metcalf was at Ole Miss, he performed one of the more memorable touchdown celebrations in recent years (via Odell Beckham Jr.)...

Well, Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter want Metcalf to potentially bring this back. The guys were in the midst of a conversation of a potential future in coaching for No. 14, and I'll let them take things from here:

Mr. Cat: OK, so you don't aspire to be a head coach, that's, you know...

DK Metcalf: Oh no, I'm not going to be a head coach.

Mr. Cat: Why not?

DK Metcalf: Because of kids like me. If I had to deal with myself on a daily basis, I would not do it.

Mr. Cat: That's a great answer.

Mr. Commenter: What would you do if one of your players pretended to pee like a dog after they scored a touchdown?

DK Metcalf: I would love it. I like that type of stuff. I was thinking about doing it again this week.

Mr. Commenter: Yeah, you should do it.

Mr. Cat: You should. The new taunting rules, who cares? They're going to call you for anything.

DK Metcalf: Bro, they are not taking it easy with these fines, so, no.

Mr. Commenter: What if you're up by 30 points, though? 30 points in the fourth quarter, you catch a touchdown.

DK Metcalf: 30 points for $7,000?

Mr. Commenter: We can do a GoFundMe for your fine.

DK Metcalf: Alright, so you make the GoFundMe, send me the link, and then I'll do it. 

Mr. Cat: OK, that's easy.

Mr. Commenter: We'll do that.

Mr. Cat: But you promise you'll do the peeing, the peeing dog. 

DK Metcalf: I'll make a GoFundMe to where you can cut that shit off, yeah. 

Mr. Cat: OK, so you'll do the peeing dog, though.

Mr. Commenter: How about this: how about if you do the peeing down, we'll set up a GoFundMe, and we'll pay the fine to a charity of your choice.

DK Metcalf: Sounds good.

Mr. Commenter: We'll match it, but you got to do the pissing dog.

DK Metcalf: Yeah I got you, yeah.

Mr. Cat: How much is a fine?

DK Metcalf: If I do that, it's probably going to double, so it's going to be like 25 (thousand) for the second time.

Mr. Commenter: (Exhales). I didn't know it was going to be that money.

Mr. Cat: Woah! No, no, no. We don't have to pay for the second one. Like, it's your fault that you already got one. So, we'll pay the difference. 

DK Metcalf: That's still a lot of... that's $18,000!

Mr. Cat: $18,000? Okay, so we'll pay 18, not 25, though. 

DK Metcalf: Okay. $18,000, yeah.

Alright folks, it looks like it's now up to you to try and make this happen. If and when DK Metcalf scores against the Packers this weekend, he wants the AWL's to help chip in for charity. First things first, DK must find the end zone at Lambeau Field. It helps that Mr. Unlimited is back, too!