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Pardon My Take's Football Guys of the Week Nominees - Week 9

Congratulation to last week's Winner Jack Sanborn

Wisconsin showed up big this week, Collin Wilder came a close second with his Grit Factory hats but you can't beat a guy who played through a bone sticking out of his finger. The two are teammates so hopefully, this won't cause too much controversy in the locker room. 

#1 Matt Lafleur, HC Greenbay Packers

Matt Lafleur is getting sick of getting asked questions not about football. It's a huge football guy move to just yell at reporters to ask you about football. The world has gotten complicated but football guys stay the same, they are there to talk about football, don’t get it twisted. 

#2 Dan Campbell HC Detroit Lions

Dan Campbell hasn't been winning too many football games, but he keeps being competitive for football guy of the week. Rex Ryan talked about burying the football after a bad game, Dan Campbell buried the tape. I am not exactly sure how he buried the tape, I mean did he delete the film? Like, bury a computer or one of the tablets with the playbook in it? However he did it, he got rid of it. Dan Campbell might be the best 0-8 coach in the league in my opinion. As long as he keeps up these Hijinx I hope they keep him involved. 

#3 Cordarrelle Patterson WR, Atlanta Falcons

Huge football guy move, his mother worked 3 jobs, he can play 3 different positions. 

#4 Josh Lynn HC, University of Nebraska-Kearny

This story out of D-II football, Josh Lynn the head coach of University Nebraska-Kearny jumped in a frozen lake after the team got its 8th win. Always good to see a guy keep his promises and get the boys going. 

Throwback Football Guy of the week  

Derrick Brodus former University of Tennessee Kicker

Tennessee once needed a kicker for their homecoming game, all they had on campus who could play was a walk-on who hadn't been dressing that day. They call him while he was sitting on a frat couch, he came through and they breathalyzed him to see if he had a legal enough BAC to play. In true football guy fashion, he was ready at the drop of a hat to play. He got the game ball after going 3/3 on PATs.