Dana White Previews Tomorrow Night's Main Event at Madison Square Garden: Usman vs. Covington II

On today's Pardon My Take... DANA WHITE! The President of the UFC joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter live in-studio just a few blocks away from Madison Square Garden ahead of UFC 268 to preview Saturday night's Main Event between Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington, an update on whether or not we will see Hasbulla in the octagon at any point, and the potential return of Conor McGregor. White noted during the interview that an event in New York City is one of his favorites and certainly gets the juices flowing. Here is the discussion about that aforementioned Main Event from today's show:

Mr. Cat: Alright, so this fight: very exciting. MSG, The Mecca, Usman vs. Covington II, a lot of trash talk. You don't do predictions, but can you give us a prediction?

Dana White: Listen, this is the fight. The first fight was one of the best fights I've ever seen, and there's no doubt about it that Colby Covington is the second best guy in the world. He's the guy that should be fighting for the title right now. Usman has broke all these records, undefeated in the UFC, never been taken down, ever, never been put on his back, and the list of records go on and on and obviously been working on his hands and just knocked out Masvidal. I don't know, man. I just think he's the pound for pound best fighter in the world right now, and I think he's going to probably end up going down as the GOAT if he keeps on this trajectory. I mean, he's lapping these guys right now. This is the second time he'll run through some of these guys for the second time.

Mr. Cat: But that's the beauty of the fight game, that's the beauty of UFC, I know that you've talked about it before, but does it ever frustrate you when a guy doesn't stay on top for a really long time? Because there is like that push and pull of it's great watching the UFC fight card because you never know what's going to happen, you never know when the champs can get taken down. But obviously a champ, you know, having a couple of years at the top is good for business.

Dana White: Right. Well, everybody always assumes that I hope or wish, you know, this happens or that happens, whatever happens happens. The only thing that I give a shit about is that we had a good fight, you know, that the fights are good. Every night, every Saturday, I compete with your wives, your girlfriends, the next big movie that comes out, whatever sporting event, the weather, college football, you name it, I'm competing with all of that stuff. So every time you sit down and watch my product, as long as you walk away going, "Damn," you know, feel like you didn't waste your time, like you do with a lot of boxing fights.

Mr. Commenter: You should start an awareness campaign that says, like, "Hey, remember, don't drink too much during the day for college football because you have to stay up late at night." I've fallen in that trap a couple times.

Dana White: Don't pass out before my fight!

Mr. Commenter: Yes, passing out at like 8 PM and forgetting to smash that order button. 

I'd like to call myself a very casual UFC fan. When there is buzz about a big fight, I will certainly tune in. And boy, is there buzz about this one. It's awesome that UFC 268 will be taking place in front of a sold out Madison Square Garden, too. Our guy Robbie Fox will be cage side all night providing coverage right here on the blog. Be sure to tune in!