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Bubba Watson Took A Lesson From '8 Mile' On How To Deal With Haters

Bubba Watson! On the show! In studio! Wow! Honestly this was a super fun sit down with Bubba. He seems like he's in such a good place and he was a joy to talk to. He just wrote a book about his struggles on and off the golf course and was gallivanting around NYC promoting it. He did Good Morning America, he sat courtside at a Knicks game and then he came to Barstool HQ to talk with us idiots. One of the things he said was he deals with haters the same way B-Rabbit dealt with Papa Doc and Free World. Let everybody know your flaws and it makes you invincible. So smart and so effective. Long story short, Bubba Watson was really fun to talk to and the message he's spreading is very important. Fun chat with a guy who has won TWO green jackets.