Biz & Whit Have Made A Ridiculous 'Battle Of Alberta' Bet

Just an absolutely weird wardrobe wager sprung up on today's Spittin' Chiclets. Whit's rekindled love for the Oilers has made him risk wearing a Barry Bonds hanging cross earring for a month. And Biz is willing to look like Bald Bull for a week in support of the Calgary Flames. Alrighty then. Take the poll here:

Washington Capitals forward Nic Dowd is today's guest and he does not disappoint. Like with the story of the time his wife went into labor before a game...

We also talked about Colorado vs. St. Louis, the red-hot Canes, Ryan Getzlaf, and had a deep discussion about Tom Cruise & Jamie Foxx. We also announced that we're going to be back in Philly this weekend with the Zero Blog Thirty crew.

This will be a lot of fun so come on by if you're in the area. Stay tuned to our social media pages for more info later in the week. Can't wait.