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If An Intruder Entered Your Home In The Middle Of The Night, What Golf Club Would You Use To Defend Yourself?

So a listener wrote in today and asked what club we'd pull from our bag if an intruder entered our home in the middle of the night. The answer was easy for me: 5 iron. It just seems the most baseball bat-like club when swung. I'd feel confident whipping that thing around at 3am in my underwear. Grip hard and swing liberally. But then Lurch confidently said he'd pull a 60 degree wedge and made a lot of strong points as to just how much damage a wedge would do upon impact. a 5 iron would do some damage as well but the knife edge of a wedge could instantly kill a man upon impact. I think there's a lot of good options in the bag but 5 iron and 60 degree wedge are up there near the top in terms of weapons. Which would you choose?