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When We Can't Get A Scorigami, We Will Settle For A Nameigami

In case you're new here, I have a weird obsession with random stats in the sports world. The headliner in that category is a "Scorigami." It's a unique score that has never happened before in NFL history. Luckily, we've been fortunate enough to witness a Scorigami in each of the past two weeks: 

Week 6: Rams 38, Giants 11

Week 7: Cardinals 31, Texans 5

We were on the verge of a three-peat yesterday when the Bills were beating the Dolphins by a score of 20-11, but Josh Allen ran in a touchdown to spoil the Scorigami (and help out the Bills cover the spread). So, three weeks of Scorigami in a row was not meant to be. However, Sunday Night Football still gave us a situation that made us nerds excited with a similar rush to what we feel when a never-before-seen score happens...

Introducing... NAMEIGAMI! 

What a random nugget for the NFL Research Department to have fired hp, but hey, I am totally here for it. You have probably heard the saying, "Never trust a man with two first names," and that usually applies to someone whose last name is typically a first name. But in the 2021 NFL Season, we have seen multiple quarterbacks play in a game with a first name that is more likely to be a last name.

Cooper Rush to Amari Cooper was the reality last night, and that leaves me brainstorming some other potential QB to WR connections in the NFL right now where the passer's first name & receiver's last name are an exact match. 

Davis Mills (HOU) to Corey Davis (NYJ)

Carson Wentz (IND) to Chris Carson (SEA)

Kirk Cousins (MIN) to Christian Kirk (ARI)

Patrick Mahomes (KC) to Tim Patrick (DEN)

Ryan Tannehill (TEN) to Logan Ryan (NYG) ... would need to be a pick six

Matthew Stafford (LAR) to Tyrann Mathieu (KC) ... ok, that one is a bit of a stretch, and it would also need to be on a pick six

I didn't expect my Monday morning to consist of mixing and matching players who share similar first and last names, but here we are (and it was fun). With the NFL Trade Deadline coming up tomorrow, who knows, maybe we'll get one of those above connections on the same team by next week.