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Usain Bolt: The Fastest Man in the World, But Has Never Ran A Mile

On today's Pardon My Take... USAIN BOLT! The fastest man alive joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on today's show to discuss his legendary Olympic career, how it feels to be insanely fast, football, and much more. Despite winning 23 gold medals over the course of his career, Bolt revealed a jaw-dropping fact on today's show: he has never ran a mile. You heard that right, take a look:

Mr. Cat: The story that I read, you've never run a mile, right? You've never run the distance of a mile. That's awesome. So, what's the longest you've run?

Usain Bolt: I mean, I've gone to 800 meters just in training, just for work, but I've never gone past 800 meters. I think they forced me to do it, I didn't want to.

Mr. Cat: Wait, so not even a jog? You've never run a jog mile or two miles?

Usain Bolt: I've tried, but my calf... I have scoliosis, I have really bad scoliosis. So, when I run for long distances, my back gets tight, and then it's like, yeah. So, I avoid running the long distances in track. But when I was younger, I did do one, five mile run. And again, they forced me to do it.

Mr. Cat: Okay, that's incredible though. The fastest man alive never ran more than a mile.

I stand with Usain Bolt! Running a mile stinks. It's boring and not fun. I'd much rather get my cardio exercise playing tennis or pickup hoops instead of running "for fun." I give a ton of respect to those who do, because it's certainly not for me.