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(Allegedly) Justine Reed And @useGolfFACTS Have Made Their Triumphant Return To Twitter!

She's back! I mean it's back! The infamous twitter account @useGolfFACTS has made it's triumphant return and it tweet at Eddie Pepperell tweets from 9 months ago. I love it and so should everybody else. Whoever runs that account (wink) is a true asset to the game of golf. It's the dark, disgusting, gross and hilarious side of golf that we need. Golf would be more boring as a whole if @useGolfFACTS didn't exist, that's a fact. It's entertainment we didn't know we were gonna get when we all decided to fall in love with the game. We knew about the courses and the clubs and the apparel and all that stuff. We didn't know that the wife of a very prominent and polarizing professional golfer would (allegedly) create a burner account and ruthlessly go after anyone who dare speak negatively about her husband. That's free and extra content that just pops up on our feeds every few months. It's awesome. View it through that lens and you'll enjoy it so much more. 

We talk about that on today's show. We talk about our very own Frankie Borrelli getting engaged (!!!!!!!!!!!) this past week. We talk more about golf in space (and it becomes even clearer that we need an expert to come on the show and explain it so us like we're 5 years old, looking at you Neil). We talk about old video games. Lots of stuff. Lots of fun. Enjoy.