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'Do Your Pod' Week 7 ft. Comic Jimmy Dunn

After the Patriots had their best performance in well over a year, it was the perfect time to bring in a good friend of mine and one of the best comics to come out of New England in a generation, Jimmy Dunn. Coming to us from Hampton Beach, NH by way of his appearances on Letterman and Conan, as well as CBS' "The McCarthys" and a million other credits. This episode was particularly fun to do. 

We start with the premise of comparing the Jets to a terrible Open Mic'er who can't come to grips with how terrible he is before we get into Belichick's pure love of crushing their soul. We talk about Jimmy's gig reading the narration on NESN's objectively awful Fenway dating show "Sox Appeal," the worst jokes every written for television. Then we take a deeper dive into which Pats players looked the best, Josh McDaniels' playcalling, and my obsession with the surreal, reflective power of Robert Saleh's scalp. 

Also, catch Jimmy's own podcast with Boston standup legend Tony V, "Two Boston Guys Whack Up a Pie." This was the game we needed. This is the podcast we need.