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I Believe The Experts Call This "Rock Bottom"

BREAKING NEWS: Stan Bowman is out as the Blackhawks GM as the full investigation comes to light. It’s a developing situation but the biggest shoe has dropped. Bowman is out and the Blackhawks are forced to move on. We get into it heavy off the top of the show as well as Chief's blog here. 

After the somber revelations, Ryan Whitney joins Barstool Chicago to break down exactly how terrible, embarrassing and pathetic Chicago sports have become. “I don’t think the Blackhawks will ever be good again” is a direct quote. He also spends some time burying the Bears, calling out our coaches and talking shit to WSD. Usual stuff. 

We appreciate the hospitality Ryan. You're always welcome around here. 

Overall though it's just a shitty day across the board. Chief says it perfectly. It would be a lot better if we could celebrate Bowman's demise but this is for completely different reasons. Boy oh boy does that guy moan. 

In other news I want to circle back on the Bulls and just reiterate that the group is seeing Red. It's been a long time coming but they look like an absolute wagon start to finish. For the first time in basically forever, it feels good to watch them play again. I'm uncomfortable just thinking about it but that's the reality. Set your expectations as high as you'd like. 

Finally - it's futile to even examine the Bears. Everyone knows the problems. Nagy sucks at coaching. Pace is a moron behind the wheel. Nobody in that building should be developing Justin Fields or making plans for the future. They're so much closer to the bottom of the NFC than the top that you honestly just need to clean house now and start the coaching search before anyone else. Too bad we know that's not going to happen because it's the Chicago Bears. This is our pain and suffering and we shouldn't be surprised. 

We'll be back Thursday for 2nd show of the week. Hopefully you guys are enjoying the increased programming. Subscribe below so we actually can show some progress to New York. Thank you. 

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