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A Real Gold Miner Explains What It's Like to Be a Professional Treasure Hunter

We had a special guest join us on this week's Macrodosing, as Rick Ness from Discovery Channel's Gold Rush hopped on the show to answer our questions on what exactly mining gold as a profession looks like.

I didn't know much of anything about gold mining going into this week's show, so this interview provided some really interesting insight into it. Rick explained everything from what a normal day looks like to how much gold he's looking for in a given period of time and all sorts of other cool tidbits. I also now believe a five-ounce gold ring — that looks more like a set of brass knuckles — emblazoned with "SUCK IT" is the coolest piece of jewelry owned by any individual.

The rest of the show, per usual, is all over the place. Does Barron Trump have the frame to become an NFL tight end? What is the easiest position in sports for a normal person to be able to play? Do the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a legal right to Tom Brady's 600th touchdown ball that was tossed into the stands?

The answer to that last question is quite obviously "no", but please listen to Billy vehemently argue otherwise for the better part of half an hour if you want to entertain yourself.

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