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Russian Boxer TKOs Siberian Bear

A decorated Russian boxer is in “grave condition” after fighting off and stabbing a bear to death after it killed his friend.

“I heard screams. They shouted: ‘A bear!’ ” eyewitness Denis Chebotar, 41, told East 2 West news of “The Revenant”-esque saga, which occurred near the Irtysh River in Siberia.

Professional boxer Ilya Medvedev, 23, was fishing with his friend Vyacheslav ‘Slava’ Dudnik, 48, when the two were attacked by the brown bear. The beast reportedly mauled Dudnik to death before proceeding to attack his younger pugilist pal.

Chebotar was reportedly fastening the team’s boat to the riverbank when he heard screams and shouts of “a bear,” which prompted the angler to rush into the forest to aid his buddies. He later heard gunshots.

Upon arriving at the scene, he “saw Slava dead” and Medvedev “finishing the bear off with a knife.”

The thing about Russia is most of that gigantic country is wilderness with 0 suburban sprawl. As we see another example of Russians being badass, it is a miracle we won the Cold War. To be honest the only reason I think we won is that Russians couldn't focus all their energy on one thing. You get Nukes, geopolitical issues, bears, and things like feeding their own people in the way and it gets tough. If it wasn't for Siberian bears I think we would have lost. If Russians didn't have to be so badass all the time in their day to day maybe they would have had more time for things like making communism work. 

Seriously if you had to deal with stuff like making sure Chernobyl didn't explode - AND not getting attacked by bears - you could see how mistakes may have been made. To be honest we should be thanking the Russian bears for keeping them distracted. If anything we as Americans should start taking more conservation efforts toward Russian bears.