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I Have A Lot Of Useless Information In My Head But The Main One Might Be NFL Jersey Numbers

I forget how we got on the topic during today's show but I, for whatever reason, know a lot of NFL jerseys numbers. Actually I know the reason. Whenever my brother and I were at a bar waiting for a game to come one we would simply sit there and test each other's knowledge on jersey numbers and where guys went to college. We did it constantly. Just sitting in a bar, one guy saying a player and the other guy saying what jersey number he wears or where he went to college or both. It was nonstop and it was really fun. Try it with your buddies sometimes. If there's a lull in the action or conversation, start playing the numbers game. It's super easy and super fun. So that's the reason I know so many NFL jersey numbers. Hours and hours and days and years of training. Training for what, you might ask? Nothing. The information I have in my head is completely useless. Never will I need to know Daunte Culpepper's jersey number for any important reason but knowing it did help me and my brother pass the time. So I guess that's not nothing. In the middle of the pod today Frankie started throwing random NFL players at me to guess their numbers. I got them all......except Corey Dillion and I'm still mad about it. #28. Fuck.

Anyway. Really fun in-person show today. We were out at Cherry Valley for final the Barstool Classic stop and we decided to do the podcast out there. We talked about Frankie being a rockstar over the weekend, Riggs traveling way more than the average person thanks to the success of the Classic and whether or not there will ever be a golf course on the moon. Enjoy!