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Apparently Guys Also Sit Down When They Pee and I Don’t Know How to Take This News

All of you guys reading this right now feel like I just revealed one of your dirty secrets and you should feel that way. Guys sit when they pee?!?! Obviously I knew some did, but boy oh boy I did not know it was this common. That’s why we have Meghan Trainor and her brother Ryan on the podcast, so we can learn a thing or two. One time my cousin told me her ex boyfriend sat when he peed and I told her she needed to break up with him immediately. Now I’m finding out it’s a common thing that I may have to deal with in the future. I guess everybody deserves to enjoy the comfort of a seat while peeing but its still throwing me off.

Do you sit when you pee? Discuss amongst yourselves.

Listen to our full interview with Meghan & Ryan Trainor here: