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Somebody Please Burn This 2021 Philadelphia Eagles Team Before It Lays Eggs

The instant reaction with the people postgame on First Time, Long TIme says it all, but it still doesn't do the lack of performance of this Eagles team any justice. Not when there are shit historic stats like these being tossed around like it's common place in the NFL: 

That last stat is actually astonishing. This is not a NFL team at the moment. Sure, they light it up in garbage time and things seem more close than they actually appear, but the Eagles are insufferable at the moment. They're beyond uninspiring. We're not asking them to be good. Shit, we're not even expecting them to be average. We just want to maybe have some sort of hope for the future, and we can't even have that. Jalen Hurts does not look like a franchise QB. Nick Sirianni seems way over his head. But at least we have those three 1st round draft picks next year, right? Yup! Gonna be real fun watching Howie Roseman recreate a living abortion live in that war room. 

More tomorrow with Rone giving his thoughts on this world that just continues to burn. Until then, like/sub/live/laugh/love - First Time, Long Time is all over the place.