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Real-Life Ghost Story

I told the Twisted History of Black Wall Street this week.

For those unfamiliar with what that is, it has nothing to do with my former profession and it took place over 1,300 miles away from downtown Manhattan.

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You should give the podcast a listen because what went on there was truly a stain on American history, and yet, I ultimately kinda-but-not-really defend the people of Oklahoma by framing the greater picture of what was going on all over the US following the Red Summer of 1919.

Again… If you never heard the term "Black Wall Street" or "Red Summer of 1919" and you don't enjoy podcasts nor the sound of my voice, then Google the shit out of both.

But we didn't just talk about those 2 topics.

I managed to also cram into the episode what I consider a real-life campfire horror story that you need to hear as Halloween rapidly approaches… It's referred to as The Camp Scott Girl Scout Murders and, much like Black Wall Street, took place in the great state of Oklahoma

Between 1971 and 1977, a summer camp in northeastern OK known as Camp Scott was the scene of a series of bizarre incidents involving some very young girls.

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Counselors' and campers' tents were occasionally trashed while some reported hearing heavy breathing outside their tents at night.  In order to calm his frightened charges, one counselor spent a night in a tent full of Girl Scouts armed with a gun after they insisted that a strange man had popped his head inside to say, "Hello" before immediately fleeing. 

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Early in the summer of 1977, counselors preparing for the Girl Scouts' summer session reported hearing a male voice calling out one night, "Help me. I'm hurt."  When they entered the woods to investigate, they then found an effigy of a naked man hanging from a tree. 

Then one of the counselors' tents was again ransacked, but this time a very specific note was left behind: "We are on a mission to kill three girls in Tent One."

Everyone was sufficiently freaked out, but still, many continued to laugh off these discoveries as mere pranks. ⁠

And I guess that makes a little sense… I used to camp a lot as a kid, and I think part of the experience was fucking with people you were out there with through pranks or ghost stories.



Who am I kidding?… That makes no fucking sense at all.  And if I was at this camp, you would have a hard time getting me anywhere near Tent One.



⁠And, sure enough, early on the morning of June 13th, the jokes ended when one counselor stumbled upon the bodies of three Girl Scouts, all between the ages of 8 and 10 who had been raped, murdered, and left on the edge of the woods. 

Lori Farmer, Michelle Huse, and Doris Milner had been attacked in their tent during the night, sodomized, bludgeoned, then strangled to death and left stuffed in their sleeping bags for counselors to find in the morning. 

And, if if you do find yourself one night sitting around a campfire telling this story to frightened campers, you can confidently finish in that traditional campfire ghost story manner because to this day, the Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders remain UNSOLVED!

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