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Don't Mess With 'The Beast': Rugby Legend Tendai Mtawarira Explains How He Got His Nickname

On today's Pardon My Take... Tendai Mtawarira! One of the best rugby players out there is nicknamed "The Beast." It doesn't matter how big or tall you are, if people call you "The Beast," look out. That has to be one of the more frightening nicknames out there. The Beast joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on today's show to discuss his career, what it's like to play rugby, and much more. Speaking of that aforementioned nickname, Tendai Mtawarira also gave some background as to how and why he got "The Beast" nickname. The stats he revealed were quite crazy:

Mr. Cat: Is "The Beast" the coolest nickname of all-time? At what point in your life did you get the nickname, "The Beast," and you're like, "Yeah, this fits. I'm 'The Beast.'"

Tendai Mtawarira: So it's actually a funny story. So when I was born in Zimbabwe, and if you guys are familiar with Zimbabwe...

Mr. Cat: We have a guy who we work with who's from Zimbabwe.

Tendai Mtawarira: Oh Zah, yes, you know. So, I happened to be the heaviest baby ever to be born in Zimbabwe at the time. 1985, I was well over five KGs, so I was a beast at birth. 

Mr. Commenter: Jake, can you look that up?

Jake: 12.1 pounds.

Mr. Cat: 12.1 pounds, that's a big baby.

Tendai Mtawarira: So, I was big, my mom reminds me every single day.

Mr. Cat: So, you were "The Beast" from birth?

Tendai Mtawarira: I was the beast from birth. 

Mr. Cat: That's pretty awesome. That is pretty awesome. 

12.1 pounds straight out of the womb?! That's a big baby, to say the least. Certainly worthy of being called "The Beast," that's for sure. Mr. Commenter is a huge rugby guy, so it was cool to see him interview one of the legends in the sport. And I'm sure I can speak for the majority of the AWL's in that it was awesome to learn about some of the stories of this unique game. Don't mess with The Beast.