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Eddie Says He Will Let You Shit In His Face For The Low Price Of $1000

If you've followed us since we've been full time, our largest platforms have been (and in no particular order) the snake drafts on The Dog Walk, Barstool Chicago on Sirius, and Red Line Radio which is the flagship program of the office. Now you can throw the Dave Portnoy Show with Eddie and Co. into the mix there. 

This week on Red Line Radio, we had a blend of of Barstool Chicago's content verticals. First and foremost, we had Purdue's head football coach Jeff Brohm on the show to talk Big 10 football and Purdue's most recent win over #2 Iowa in Iowa City. Then we broke down everything that happened on the Dave Portnoy Show with KMarko and finally, Eddie tried to goad me into pulling this move from Jackass 2:

No thank you. Not for all the money in the world aka nothing less than a negotiable $12,500. The truth is I just have such a bitch/pussy of a stomach that I can't do this kinda shit. It goes beyond content for me and it makes me want to puke just thinking about it. That's the going rate I gave Eddie to either hand me himself or raise from Stoolies to pull the fart helmet beer bong move. Eddie on the other hand says "he thinks" he'd do it for the low price of $1000.

Once I started saying I'd blog this and that I thought I could come up with the money pretty easily, he obviously started back tracking and saying he wouldn't do it and blah fucking blah.

But as someone who is self-admittedly spineless and can often be talked into doing stupid for both laughs and a good story, I will not let this go until he flat out says "no" not just to me, but to all of YOU, and YOU are the important part of this potential hilarity. Once I get confirmation that Eddie will do it, I'll open my Venmo up and we'll see if Ed wants to put his money where his mouth is, and I mean that kinda literally. 

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