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Tommy Smokes Almost Smoked Me Right In The Face

When I was the last person to leave the office (slightly after the 2nd hardest worker Tommy Smokes) I caught up to him walking home through the maze of NYC. This city truly is a jungle and it's survival of the fittest. The threat of getting punched in the face by a homeless guy is always there, but you have to keep your head on a swivel because truly anything can happen ... 

This is a screenshot from a video that went viral on Chris Distefano's twitter (now deleted) of a man on the NYC subway platform getting his bare ass tatted. I hardly want to wait for the train due to fear of whatever diseases are living in the filth of the tube, this man had zero problems with getting naked and relaxing with a book while he gets a needle repeatedly jabbed in his ass during morning rush hour. With people that give no fucks and Tommy Smokes rabid fanbase wanting to get a piece of him, Tommy's reaction while hilarious, is completely acceptable. Now excuse me while I watch it 100,000 more times to see the life escape Tommy's body as he thought he was toast.