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Frankie Borrelli Could Learn A Thing Or Two From Ryan Sheckler About How To Rehab An Injury

We had once-upon-a-time skateboarding prodigy Ryan Sheckler on the show and naturally the entire conversation shifted to golf. Sheckler is a big golfer and the main reason for that is because he had a horrific injury and the only thing the doctor said he could do during recovery was golf. Sheckler slowly was able to start moving all the parts of his body during recovery and when he came out the other side of recovery he was obsessed with golf. Now contrast that injury recovery with our very own Frankie Borrelli and it's night and day. Frankie got elbow surgery and then 12 minutes later was banging out Blink-182 songs even though his doctor told him to wait a week before he tried drumming. What happened? He re-fucked up his elbow and now he's back at square one. The lesson is you should probably always listen to your doctor. Maybe that's what makes Ryan Sheckler who he is and Frankie Borrelli who he is. Anyway. Fun show, EARLY show for the boys, but a fun show and a fun guest.