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The Bachelorette Night 1: How Many Notes Are Too Many?

Michelle's season is here! She joined us on today's Chicks In The Office to discuss getting cast on the show, her relationship with the girls from Matt's season, and how she prepped to be The Bachelorette!

The big drama on Night One was about Ryan. This man showed up with TONS of notes on the show, Michelle, etc. He was trying to do anything he could to get ahead. Did it feel staged? Yes, it definitely did. Do I think Ryan really brought those notes with him? Yes, I do. I think producers realized he did this and found a way to "expose" it during the opening episode. Some background on Ryan, he was a part of Bachelor Live On don't believe he never watched this show. I can't imagine producers would spell the name of their own show wrong. 

Either that or producers just set him up and he was totally fine with getting his five minutes of fame. Regardless, Michelle wanted none of it and immediately sent him home. 

For the FULL recap listen to today's Chicks in the Office!